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how to select the good quality black masterbatch

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how to select the good quality black masterbatch

how to select the good quality black masterbatch

How to Select Good Quality Carbon Black Masterbatch

Black masterbatch has varied and prominent uses in the manufacture of plastics by extrusion and molding methods for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is used to impact the desired black coloration and secondly, to impact special properties including conductivity and light stability to mention but a few. Carbon black masterbatches from ABC Masterbatch are available in a wide range of shades; from the darkest blacks to charcoal black as the user’s design specifications of the plastic product requires. In addition to the desired shade of black, particle size and shape of the carbon black is the other prominent factor to consider when selecting an ideal carbon black masterbatch for particular use.

When selecting carbon black masterbatch, consider the extent to which the particles are divided. Carbon black is produced by finely dividing carbon obtained from the incomplete combustion of petroleum feedstock. Measured under high magnification, the fine division in the order of nanometers translates to good quality masterbatch. The size and shape of the aggregates (tightly bound clusters of the carbon black particles) also play an important role in the determining the performance of the masterbatch. A highly structured carbon black is composed of many carbon back particles combined in into a multi-branched aggregate whose structure reflects on the on the effects of the masterbatch. Particle sizes affect thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, dispersion, porosity, reinforcement and other properties of the plastic being manufactured. It therefore is a critical factor worth consideration in the selection of good quality masterbatch.

The benefit of using good quality carbon black masterbatch is that the life of the plastic product (pipe and film alike) will be greatly extended by offering protection against degradation from UV light. Smooth surface finish and excellent oxygen induction time (OIT) are among the benefits. The good quality carbon black masterbatch finds its use in automotive and other deep black masstone coatings, cable sheathing applications, pigmentation, opacifying, compounding, molding and recycling applications.

In conclusion, good quality carbon black masterbatch has the right shade of black based on the application requirement as the user suggests. Among others, an example of carbon black masterbatch from ABC Masterbatch has a carbon content of about 50 and features PP carrier. These properties make the carbon black masterbatch ideal for use in injection molding and sheet extrusion of plastics. The color value is high enough as the quality and performance remain topnotch for customer satisfaction.

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